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Delhi Public School, Indore, is one of the top Schools in Indore Fees, Photos, Ratings, Reviews, Contact

Delhi Public School in Indore is one of the top Schools in Indore, . Visit Shiksha - cbse learning app for Address, Contact Number, Reviews - Ratings, Photos, Maps of Delhi Public School, Indore.

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Principal message - Mr. Ajay K Sharma Education is about embracing all, making a commitment to do whatever it takes to provide each student in the community and each citizen in the democracy the best so that they become to the country. Delhi Public School, Indore Under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi and the flagship of Jagran Social Welfare Society, Bhopal is committed to imparting quality education to its students who can change their perspectives and contribute nationally and globally. We have students from different walks of life. I believe the theory propounded by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983 at Harvard University about Multiple Intelligences makes education a complex life changing experience. We at Delhi Public School, Indore believe that each child is unique and we value their uniqueness. Moreover, all the learning that a child acquires is not gained in school through a formal education, but he picks up much of his knowledge from various sources. Ample opportunities are provided to students to exploit their inherent talents and develop holistically. The sprawling lush green campus brings nature close to them. As said by Albert Einstein, I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. At Delhi Public School, Indore we try to give the student's an environment which is child friendly, fearless and conductive to learning. And as learning is not attained by chance, but must be sought for with ardour and diligence, we have a team of dedicated and diligent teachers who give wings to student's dreams. And we have students who give full credit to their efforts. This is made evident by the excellence that is demonstrated by students in academics, sports and extracurricular events.

Delhi Public School

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