St. Umar English School, Chhatarpur
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St. Umar English School, Chhatarpur, is one of the top Schools in Chhatarpur Fees, Photos, Ratings, Reviews, Contact

St. Umar English School in Chhatarpur is one of the top Schools in Chhatarpur, . Visit Shiksha - cbse learning app for Address, Contact Number, Reviews - Ratings, Photos, Maps of St. Umar English School, Chhatarpur.

St. Umar English School, Chhatarpur - Photo

Our Mission - The Schools motto "We Great Future Prospects" inscribed in the inner circle depicts the School's philosophy of education that the principle goal of education is to repeating what other generation's have done - people who are creative, inventive and discoverers. The second aim of education is to form minds that can be critical, can verify facts and not accept everything they are offered. Our Vision - We endeavour to develop and achieve the educational objectives where all aspects of development physical, intellectual social and emotional have been taken into account with utmost care and personal attention that the child needs at this age. As in any well balanced educational system in which the development of the total being is stressed we encourage our students to achieve excellence building.

St. Umar English School

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